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Frequently Asked Questions

Are boostlikes instagram followers real?

Yes! Boostlikes collaborates with influencers and other popular Instagram accounts to direct followers to customer accounts. This means you are rest assured to get real human beings for your Instagram profile.

Can be trusted?

Yes! Boostlikes is one of the most trusted platforms in the world. Having served influencers, notable brands, and popular figures, be rest assured to get value for your money.

Which payment methods does Boostlikes support?

Boostlikes offers flexible modes of payment for every customer. While card payment, bank transfer, and PayPal are allowed, modes of payment can be discussed on a case-to-case basis. This ensures every client that places an order on the platform is allowed to use a suitable mode of payment.

How long does it take to process orders?

Duration for each order varies depending on the number of followers you order for your Instagram account. Meanwhile, it takes an average of 24hrs to get followers on your account. On the other hand, it may take 48hrs or more days if you order a large number of followers.

Can I order UK-targeted followers?

Yes! Boostlikes mainly focuses on selling the UK targeted Instagram followers. Whether you are in the UK or any part of the world but looking for ways you can grow your Instagram profile using UK followers, then boostlikes is a perfect option.

Can I grow my Instagram account organically?

While you can grow your Instagram account organically, it may be time consuming and costly. In that regard, buying Instagram followers is a perfect alternative.


Buy Instagram Followers UK from Boostlikes


Are you ready to boost your brand or personal profile with a massive number of Instagram followers to increase credibility? Instagram is one of the most popular picture and video sharing app, making it the 6th largest social network service with over 1 billion active users per month. Instagram is arguably the best social media platform for businesses in the United Kingdom right now. It has over 28 million users in the UK, consisting of more than 12 million females and the remaining users being male. Almost 80% of these users follow at least one brand, thus promoting the idea of Instagram being the hotbed for businesses in the UK. It also has the highest engagement rates among all its peers. We are focused on providing you with targeted Instagram followers from the UK. So don’t hesitate to buy Instagram followers UK from us.

According to Statista, in August 2023, Instagram had 35 million active monthly users in the United Kingdom.

According to dailymail, small influencers with just 1000+ followers can make over £4,160 in a year, and big influencers with over 100,000+ Instagram followers can make over £156,000 per year.

Why should you buy Instagram followers in UK?

You should buy Instagram followers in UK because they can help you in setting off in the right direction with regards to increasing your brand recognition. Individuals tend to gauge a profile’s legitimacy and value by the number of followers and thus getting an initial boost can greatly help in getting your brand across to your actual market. A higher follower count shows that your profile is associated with an actual functioning business entity and encourages others to follow you and to engage with you. You might be creating useful and interesting content but without an established follower count, people are unlikely to follow you.

Benefits of growing followers on Instagram

Easy to target

Targeting the right audience is crucial for the success of any advertising strategy. Through Instagram’s targeting features, you can reach out to your customers based on various criteria. Some of the notable Instagram targeting features include;

Location; whether you are targeting a country or a specific City, the Instagrams location feature will help you set up your ad as per your target area of reach.

Demographics;  If you want to share your ads with 27-year-old people who speak a particular language, then Instagram can point out exactly the age, gender, and language demographics.

Interests; If you want to base your ads on what your audience follows, then you can use Instagram to do exactly that. For example, you can choose to retarget potential prospects based on the ads they click on or apps they use. This makes it easier to reach out to the right prospects.

Behavior; Defining an audience based on actions they take on Instagram makes it easier to appeal to the target population. For example, you can reach out to prospects that may have previously visited your site but never made a purchase. 

Lookalike audiences;  What you have to note is that your target audience has a particular persona eager to check out your products and hopefully make a purchase decision. Therefore you can choose to target an audience that has similar characteristics to those that are following you or have made a purchase through your platform.


    A Chance to Engage with Customers

    With over 500 million people logging into Instagram daily, it is no doubt that Instagram can be highly beneficial to your brand. All you need to do is invest time and energy to engage with followers. 

    The more responsive you are the more likely you are likely to improve customer confidence and acquire more customers for your business. If you are struggling to reach out to customers or engage with them directly, then I 44 Instagram is an ideal platform that you can use.

     If you are a brand that doesn’t want to be bombarded by sales copy, announcements, and other messages, then Instagram is good for your brand. 

    Build up user Generated Content

    User-generated content is a crucial part of building trust in your brand. This is because people trust each other more than a brand. Instagram is not only an ideal platform for user-generated content but also easy to get original content produced by the audience.

    You can easily ask for content through a hashtag to get users engaged. The unique aspect about this is you can easily collect and display Instagram user-generated content through various online tools like PowerReviews and social suite. This helps in reinforcing service pages with authentic content.  

    To get an In-depth analysis of your audience

    Learning and understanding your audience makes it easier to run ads from an informed point of view. With Instagram, you can easily learn your audience’s likes and dislikes and run ads based on their preferences.

    Typically, engaging your customers on Instagram makes it easier for you to understand what your audience is about. By following industry-specific hashtags, you can get to know what people are talking about, problems, concerns, daily victories, happiness, and other aspects of their life.

    On the other hand, Instagram provides crucial native insights about your community and followers. This makes it easier for you to plan your content and marketing strategy that is relevant to your target market. That way, you can easily grow your community and generate impressive revenue from your ads.

    Improve Conversions 

    If your business is struggling to get customers, then it’s high time you turn to Instagram marketing. With over a billion users worldwide, you can leverage the huge following to get customers for your business. All you need to do is invest time and resources in growing your Instagram account. 

    With boostlikes, you can easily buy Instagram followers  UK targeted to generate sales for your business. While an organic Instagram growth strategy is a good idea, it may not only be costly but time-consuming to create buzz for your new Instagram   account. Therefore, you can grow and leverage your following to generate profit for your brand.

    Increase Website Traffic

    Social media has created an avenue for people to check out new products, access trending information, and even collect information about various brands. As such, social media is a fertile ground to generate organic traffic for your platform. In this case if you have a large number of followers on your Instagram account, you can choose to link your website on all your posts. This will help you generate more traffic for your website. 

    That way, you stand a chance to not only improve the site’s visibility on search engines but also rank on google pages. Therefore if you are offering a product or service, ensure you do a write-up so that your potential customers can follow up.

    Improves online visibility

    With millions of businesses grappling for the same audience, a huge number of followers give you an edge over your competitors. This means more people will easily access you online compared to brands that have a low follower count.

     If you have a high follower count, the people following your followers are likely to see your brands which results in a surge in the number of followers over time. The more people comment and engage with your content the more followers you are likely to generate for your Instagram account. To make more people engage with your Instagram account, you can as well choose to purchase Instagram followers from boostlikes.

    Become an influencer 

    The power of social media influencers in world of social media has become popular in the business world. This is because most brands are now using social media influencers to market their brands and get conversions for their business. 

    Through a high number of Instagram follower counts, you stand a chance to generate impressive income from various brands. If you become an influencer, all you need to do is show a product to your audience and get paid for it.

    For example, if you have 10,000 followers, you can easily approach a brand to market their brand and get paid for it. In that regard, investing time and energy to grow your Instagram can help you generate income in many ways.

    Get more leads

    Lead generation can be challenging for most marketers. If you want more leads for your business, then you should consider growing your Instagram follower count. The more the number of followers you generate for your Instagram account the higher the chances of collecting quality leads for your business. This will not only help you generate revenue for your business but also improve the credibility of your brand.

    Improve brand image 

    Increasing the number of followers on your Instagram account is not only crucial in strengthening relationships with the target audience but also boosting brand image.

     Besides giving you an edge over your immediate competitors, building a strong online presence is ideal for boosting your brand image. This is because the more active and engaging your profile the more you can win the trust of potential customers. 

    Unlike dormant Instagram pages that attract less attention, having an abuzz on your Instagram account is a perfect way of stamping authority in a crowded business environment. Therefore, you should consider investing in growing your Instagram account to build a strong brand image.

    Supplement sales efforts

    Generating sales requires a concerted effort among the staff in an organization. With Instagram marketing, you can easily reach out to more customers from any location. All you need is to leverage Instagram’s targeting features to reach out to the target population. 

    As such, if you are struggling to generate sales for your business, it’s high time you consider Instagram marketing for your brand.


    The cost of marketing and advertising can be overwhelming for most entrepreneurs. While you may be able to reach out to more people through advertising, realizing a return on ad spend (ROAS) may be unpredictable.

     It is against this backdrop that growing Instagram follower count can help you market and advertise your products at little or no cost. Unlike traditional advertising which can be costly, Instagram helps you market and get conversions for your brand without having to break the bank.

    Are you finding it challenging to grow your Instagram follower count? If yes, then it’s high time you consider buying Instagram followers from a credible seller.

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    Why Purchasing followers on Instagram is a perfect idea?


    Buying Instagram followers not only saves time but provides a seamless way of growing follower count. Whether you are a new brand struggling to penetrate a competitive market environment, an artist yet to get recognition, or a new startup that is yet to be known, then it’s high time you invest your energy in growing your Instagram follower count. That way, you can easily reach out to more people and achieve a breakthrough in your quest to be recognized.

    While growing an Instagram account organically is ideal in getting real and active followers, it may take you considerable time to get recognized. Depending on how much you invest in growing your Instagram account organically, it may take longer than expected to level the ground in a competitive world.

    Fast turnaround time

    If you are looking for a way to grow your Instagram account quickly, then buying followers is a perfect option. All you need is to choose a suitable package on credible dealers like and grow your Instagram profile instantly. While this is a good idea, you should try and avoid buying Instagram followers from unscrupulous dealers. 

    Besides injuring your reputation, buying fake Instagram followers can lead to account closure. Therefore, to grow your Instagram account, you need to research and identify a credible dealer. This will save you from the agony associated with losing an Instagram account.


    The cost of marketing and advertising can be overwhelming for most entrepreneurs. While you may be able to reach out to more people through advertising, realizing a return on ad spend (ROAS) may be unpredictable.

     It is against this backdrop that growing Instagram follower count can help you market and advertise your products at little or no cost. Unlike traditional advertising which can be costly, Instagram helps you market and get conversions for your brand without having to break the bank.

    Are you finding it challenging to grow your Instagram follower count? If yes, then it’s high time you consider buying Instagram followers from a credible seller.

     Before highlighting where you can purchase real and active Instagram followers, here is why buying followers is a perfect idea.

    Boost engagement:

    A high Instagram follower count is ideal in improving engagement. The more you add real followers to your Instagram account the higher the chances of improving engagement. 

    That way, you stand a chance to create a buzz on your Instagram account and reap the benefits of growing your Instagram profile. In fact, if you amass over 10,000 real Instagram followers, you are not only likely to benefit from advertising and sponsorships but also improve engagement.

    Unlike less engagement associated with low follower count, a high number of Instagram followers attract the interest of more followers which is likely to induce engagement for your posts. As such, if you are struggling to get engagement for your Instagram account, it’s high time you should buy Instagram followers UK targeted from boostlikes. By doing so, you not only stand a chance to improve conversions for your business but also qualify more leads. 

    Now that you know the importance of buying Instagram followers, where can you purchase real and active Instagram followers? In this case, we recommend you try out bootlikes .The platform is not only credible but also one of the most popular sellers of real Instagram followers.

    Benefits of growing your Instagram Account

    Instagram is ranked among the most popular social media platforms in the World. Commanding a total of over a 2.35 billion active monthly users, it is in no doubt that the social platform has experienced exponential growth over the years. This is attributed to a surge in the number of businesses that continue to embrace Instagram for online advertising. 

    Compared to other social media platforms, Instagram has one of the highest engagement rates. Therefore if you want to improve your business, it’s high time you leverage the high number of Instagram users to grow your business.

    Besides buying Instagram followers, you can use videos, Instagram Stories, and live videos to grow your account. The concept not only helps you capture the attention of your audience but also encourages them to engage and pique their interest. 

    Unlike Twitter which relies on text while facebook text and images, Instagram aims to help users share videos and images with their audience.

      In this article, we highlight why you should invest in growing your Instagram account.

    Before diving into details about why you should grow your Instagram account, here is how to increase your Instagram followers.

    Optimize your account

    Before figuring out how to grow your Instagram account, you must, first of all, ensure the account is fully optimized. Some of the factors you need to put into consideration include image captions, bio, profile image, username, and how people will distinguish your brand from others.

    Typically the link to your profile is essential since it helps in directing traffic to your site. As such, optimizing your account is crucial for growth. If you aren’t sure where to link, create product pages or marketing strategies that relate to particular hashtags, keywords, or campaigns on your Instagram account.

    While linking to your homepage is ok, you should offer users a cohesive experience when moving from your bio to your site. In this case, creating a bio, links are crucial to help in directing your audience to your site.

    Further, keep your username search-friendly. This means sticking close to your brand name to retain your identity. If your business name is longer, try shortening it so that your audience can easily remember. Do not add special characters or numbers to your user name.

     If possible use the same user name similar across all social media platforms. Consistency is helpful since it makes it easier for the target audience to recognize your brand from others that may be offering similar services.

    Create a Content Calender

    The worst approach to managing your Instagram account is posting content randomly. Although you may be lucky to get followers at the beginning, it may not be easy to maintain them for a longer period.

    To avoid losing followers, draw a routine posting schedule that would be easy for people to follow up on your content. Regardless of the type of audience you are targeting, post consistently.

    While posting many posts in a day is healthy for growth, keep the number of posts at a bare minimum to avoid spam. Slightly over 500 million Instagram users log in daily. Therefore you should post a couple of times a day.

    However, sticking to a schedule is crucial in building a consistent experience for your audience and keeping them in the know about your brand. If you are wondering how to keep a specific posting schedule, you can leverage sprouts scheduling features to plan an appropriate publishing routine.  

    #3.Post scheduling

    While Instagram algorithms show users more content they like, posting at specific times is ideal in improving the visibility of your content. Through sprout social, you can use the platform to schedule your Instagram posts and improve engagement.

    Scheduling content helps everyone to follow up on your posts

    A few times a day is important for growth, Instagram posts, and campaigns. Scheduling posts in advance makes it easier to maintain a consistent flow of information that makes it easier for users to follow.

     If you are still stuck on how to roll out a consistent flow of content for your Instagram posts, you can choose to use the sprout social Viralpost feature. The feature helps in analyzing your Instagrams engagement history and identifies a suitable schedule that you should post content.

    #4 Collaborate with other accounts

    The use of influencers has become one of the crucial ways to get more followers and engagement for your Instagram account. The larger the number of followers the more prospects you are likely to get for your brand. In that case, the best way to get more followers for your brand is to get in front of them. 

    While reaching out to customers through your Instagram account is ideal for growth, using other people’s accounts is crucial in widening the scope of your audience. To get your brand in front of more prospects, you can choose to either hold Instagram contests or sponsor user-generated content. 

    These types of campaigns are ideal in building social proof which is ideal in influencing the target audience to reshare your content. Alternatively, you can choose to collaborate with influencers running accounts related to your brand. 

    Allowing influencers to share your content with their audience makes it easier to reach out to a larger and more relevant prospect that you may not have reached out through your account.

    The bottom line is ensuring you share something of value. As such, you should strike marketing collaborations with other brands to build a strong brand.

    #5    Avoid fake Instagram followers

    The worst mistake you can do with your account is having a fake Instagram account. Besides leading to account closure, fake Instagram followers are likely to taint your image and compromise the credibility of your brand. 

    Although it may be tempting to buy Instagram followers, you must ensure you buy from a credible dealer. That’s why boostlikes is an ideal platform that you can buy Instagram followers the UK targeted. That way, you not only stand a chance to improve the performance of your business but also grow your account.

    With fake Instagram followers, you are unlikely to attract more followers to your account. As a consequence, you not only risk tainting the image of your brand but also crippling the quest to grow your Instagram profile.

    Furthermore, buying fake followers from unscrupulous dealers not only compromises your credibility but leads to loss of funds. 

    Do you have to lose money trying to grow your Instagram Account? This is why you should buy real Instagram followers from boostlikes to avoid falling into the trap of fake dealers. 

    With years of experience in helping people and businesses to grow their Instagram accounts, you can count on boostlikes to grow your Instagram account.

    Here are the dangers of fake Instagram accounts.

    Deceive new followers; Having millions of followers without engagement automatically discredits your account. This not only lowers the credibility of your account but also puts your Instagram account at risk of suspension.  You shouldn’t trick people into following you. Instead of tricking people into following you, focus on building trust and long-term relationships with your audience.

    Little to no buzz;   If you have over a million followers on your Instagram account, you should attract almost a similar rate of engagement on your account. If you have a huge following with zero engagement, then you should be worried.

     The most likely scenario is that Instagram may easily clean up the bots and fake accounts by deleting them. That way, none of your posts will get any engagement. Should that happen then your brand automatically losses credibility.

    LOW ROI;  While purchasing fake followers may look interesting, they may not buy or subscribe to your services. This is why you should ask yourself whether buying fake followers gives value for money. 

    The difference between fake and real followers is that while real people can share, engage and comment, fake users never create a buzz on an Instagram account. This results in a dormant profile that can easily raise questions about its credibility. That way, you may never get engagement on your Instagram account.

    Showcase your Instagram to a wider audience

    To help more people access your Instagram account, ensure you link it to your website and other platforms. That would make it easy to promote to more people. In this case, you can choose to link your profile with other social media platforms. That way, more people will be able to access your profile and increase organic following on your Instagram account. 

    Alternatively, you can collaborate with friends that have a high number of followers to help you market your profile. The more people share your content the more likely you can get more followers for your Instagram account.

    #7. Use hashtags

    Using industry-related hashtags is ideal in reaching out to more prospects. In fact using the right hashtags helps you in reaching out to a wider audience that may be interested in your products or services. The first step is researching the right hashtags that you may find appealing to your target audience.

    To find industry-specific hashtags, you can leverage free Instagram tools like AutoHash and Display Purposes to connect with the relevant audience. For example, the unique feature about display purposes is that all you need to do is type in a few words about your image and it will recommend the top hashtags that you can use for your Instagram posts.

    Therefore, if you want to acquire more followers for your Instagram account, the use of hashtags is a perfect way of reaching out to more people. Generally, using hashtags makes your content accessible via filtering or search.

    Additionally, people can follow their favorite hashtags so that top content on a particular hashtag can show up on their Instagram timeline.

    # 8 Engage with your audience 

    If you want to grow your Instagram account, first you have to engage with your audience. The mistake most brands make is focusing on likes and comments without caring about those behind them. If you want to grow your Instagram account, ensure you engage with your audience. All you have to note is that every comment provides an opportunity to get a new follower. 

    Therefore responding to comments is an ideal way of bringing on board more followers for your Instagram account. The more you engage with followers the more you are likely to grow your Instagram account.

    Do not let your followers initiate every conversation. Create engagement opportunities through using Instagram stickers such as polls and open-ended questions on Instagram stories. 

    Alternatively request people to tag others on your caption, tag more friends and encourage more people to share your content. That way, you stand a chance to reach out to a high number of followers.

    #9. Use Great captions 

    Visual appeal is crucial for any social media marketing strategy. As such, investing time and resources to create high-quality captions is ideal in capturing the attention of new followers. 

    Poorly done captions are likely to experience backlash from followers which may affect your growth strategy. Therefore investing in the production of attractive captions goes a long way in bringing on board more followers. 

    All you have to do is play around with various images, emojis, quippy captions. Always keep the average length of an Instagram caption to a 2200 character limit.

    There’s no straightforward rule to creating excellent Instagram captions. Just like other content types, you simply have to blend a mix of content.

    #10 Link your Instagram account everywhere

    Ensure your Instagram profile is easily accessible on most of your platforms. Do let people struggle to get your Instagram profile since you may lose out on a large number of followers. 

    You should add your Instagram account link to;

    • Sidebar or website footer
    • Email footers
    • Social media posts
    • Bios of other social media platforms

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    Why didn’t I get this sooner!! My followers also shot up because the engagement got bigger. I appreciate the team’s help.


    Why you should buy Instagram followers from boostlikes?

    Fast order processing 

    If you are yearning to grow your Instagram follower count within a short time, then it’s high time you should consider buying followers from boostlikes. While the order processing period varies depending on the number of followers you want for your Instagram account, you should rest assured to have your order processed within an average of 24hrs.On the other hand, you are likely to get instant results if you order a low number of Instagram followers.

    Remember the higher the number of Instagram followers you order for your account the more likely you can grow your account exponentially. In that regard, you can choose to buy a higher number of followers to get maximum results from your sales efforts.

    Credible Company

    The last factor you need to put into consideration before buying Instagram followers is the credibility of the dealer. While online platforms are flooded with websites purporting to sell real Instagram followers, many turn out to be a fraud. 

    In that case, you may end up with either bots or fake Instagram followers for your account. Should this happen then you not only risk losing your Instagram account but also injuring your reputation. In the long run, you may never reverse the bad image nor restore your Instagram account.

    For example, if you have over 10,000 followers with no engagement, the Instagrams algorithm is likely to flag and suspend your account. This means the number of real followers should be reflected in engagement. With less or no engagement, then you are unlikely to do much with your Instagram account. It is against this backdrop that you should buy followers from boostlikes to avoid messing up your reputation.

    24/7 Customer Service

    Whether you wake up at midnight or any time of the day, you can be served at any given time. If you want to place an order or are experiencing challenges with your order, you can always reach out for quick help. With boostlikes, you can be served at any given time.


    Considering the amount you can spend in running surveys and conducting market research for your brand, we help you cut the cost of operation by offering credible Trustpilot reviews that will help fuel the performance of your business. We have a myriad of packages that suit the needs of every client. All you need is to place a custom order and let us help you achieve your growth potential.

    Free technical support

    After buying Instagram followers from boostlikes, be rest assured to get technical assistance any time upon your request. The technical team is not only mandated to process orders but also offers any support that you may need.

    Real followers

    Boostlikes is credited for selling real Instagram followers. The platform collaborates with various influencers around the world to get real followers for its customers. If you want to buy Instagram followers UK targeted then boostlikes is a perfect option. In addition to being one of the most credible platforms in the World, boostlikes offers value for your money.

    Money-back Guarantee

    Boostlikes is likely to refund your money in case you feel unsatisfied with the service you get. However, a refund request is reviewed on a case to case basis to ensure both parties reach a favorable decision.

     The bottom line is that ordering for Instagram followers on the platform offers value for your money. Instead of being duped into unscrupulous deals on other platforms, why not buy Instagram followers from boostlikes.


    If you are scared about the high cost of buying Instagram followers on other platforms, then you should consider buying followers from boostlikes. At as low as $2, you can order Instagram followers from boostlikes. 

    Additionally, return clients and those who order a high number of followers are entitled to various discounts. Unlike other platforms, boostlikes  has an array of offers that suit the needs of every client.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

    Can I be served if I am outside the UK?

    Yes. Boostlikes mainly operates online. This means you can be served in any part of the world.

    How much does it cost to order Instagram followers?

    Boostlikes has a variety of packages. From as little as $2, you can get Instagram followers for your account.

    Are these followers real?

    Yes, they’re real accounts! As mentioned above, we don’t give fake followers or bots; we give actual followers. You can find many sites selling Instagram followers in UK for low prices but those are no good. They give bots that instead of helping you grow your brand lead to your account getting flagged and eventually banned by Instagram. Moreover, the follower accounts given by these sites tend to get deactivated within a few weeks, which lead to your money being completely drained. This is where we come in with our promise of actual followers who are there to stay and build up your brand.

    When will you get the followers?

    Our checkout procedure is relatively simple and straightforward. We don’t have you fill out long, complicated forms. Just give us some basic information, choose the package you want and pay. Our systems verify orders and payments immediately, which enables us to get to work straight away! You get your followers within 12 hours after order completion, setting you on the right path towards success on Instagram!

    What we can do to increase trust in your profile?

    Since customer satisfaction is our top priority, we can commit to gradual delivery as well. This ensures that your EXISTING followers don’t get suspicious. E.g. if your page has a low follower count currently and you buy followers, the sudden jump might set off suspicions in the minds of your current followers. We aim to avoid this by sending followers to your account at timely intervals instead of one single day. After all, our customer is our king!

    What do we mean by “real” follower?

    What we mean by a real follower is that the account actively engages with your content. You aren’t getting a higher follower count exclusively, you’re also getting more engagements on your posts! Real followers ensure a number of things, including safety from Instagram’s penalties and help in increasing authenticity in the minds of other users.

    Do we need access to your Instagram account?

    No, we don’t require access to YOUR account in order to boost your followers. As you might know, following someone on Instagram is as easy as clicking follow and that’s the same principle used by us.

    Why Choose Boostlikes to purchase Instagram followers?

    Boostlikes is one of the competitive social media services providers in the market. Boostlikes is the best place to buy Instagram followers uk or worldwide. We are offering very reasonable pricing for our services.We are trusted by thousands of our returning customers who are big and small brands and social media celebrities. We try our best to satisfy our customer with our faithful efforts. We are using the Paypal as an online Payment gateway because it is the most used payment gateway on the internet. Purchasing Instagram Comments and monthly Instagram subscriptions also available at our partner site using Paypal, skrill and credit card payment gateway. If you are looking to Buy Twitter Followers from us its as easy as counting from One to Ten.