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Sitejabber enables users to collect the genuine product and business reviews directly from customers. This helps in enhancing customer confidence for them to make informed purchase decisions. With a consumer rating of 4.21 stars and 1076 reviews, it is no doubt that most consumers on the platform are satisfied with the services they get from sellers. As such, sitejabbar has become a crucial platform for clients to identify credible brands and make purchase decisions. While 5-star reviews are important for your business, all you need is a high number of reviews without necessarily having more 5 star reviews. This is because more reviews showcase that more people are interested in your business which is ideal for growth. So far, Sitejabbar is ranked among the best customer protection sites. Most of the issues mentioned on the site include customer service, credit card, and online service. Although the site has a free version, users are required to part with $199 to access more advanced features. Before diving dip into the benefits of Sitejabber   Reviews, here are some reasons why reviews are important for your business.

Better rating

If you have a few negative reviews, you have to work extra hard to get more positive reviews. I that case more reviews are likely to improve your overall ranking on Google searches and change the negative trend. Infect the more  the reviews the better the google ranking. With better google ranting, you are likely to appear on top of google searches making it easier for you to be noticed. This not only improves sales but also increases the chances of getting quality leads for your business.For example, brands that have over 1000 ratings have an 18% overall rating. This means instead of getting worried about negative reviews for your brand, you can choose to get more reviews. That way, you are likely to rank higher on Google and get more customers for your business.

More reviews more leads

Many consumers surf through the internet to get reviews about various brands before making purchase decisions. In a study conducted by Sitejabber, businesses that amass 1000 reviews are likely to generate 672% leads monthly. It is estimated that close to 81% of online customers read reviews on review sites before making purchase decisions. The trend indicates the crucial role reviews play in the business environment. Unlike sites that have fewer reviews that struggle to get traffic, reviews help strengthen relationships with the target market thereby marketing it easy for more people to associate with the platform. While most of the people that visit the site may not make a purchase, they are likely to attract the interest of more serious customers who may be interested in your products. That way, you stand a chance to generate more leads that you can use to generate conversions.

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Masks your business from negative reviews:

While your business may suffer from the effects of bad reviews, having several positive reviews shields your business from negative reviews. Anyone who has been in business understands that it may not be easy to please everyone.

With many platforms where people can voice their concerns, you will likely come across negative reviews about your business from some customers. To turn the tide, all you need is several positive reviews for your business. That would make it easier for customers to ignore negative reviews and trust your business. This is also beneficial to customers since it helps them with important information they need to help them in making purchase decisions.

Improve Google ranking:

Potential clients evaluate brands based on reviews and complaints raised by customers. In this case, Google will showcase the title of the review page, i.e., brand name, reviews. This is then followed by star ratings and the number of reviews on the search results page.

Therefore potential clients always evaluate your business without having to click on the review page. You have to remember that pages with more content are likely to rank better than those with less. In that case, for your page to rank better on Google searches, you have to get more reviews for your page.

More reviews better social proof:

A critical factor that can improve the trust of customers is social proof. Just like Twitter followers and Facebook likes, reviews are perfect social proof.

All you need is to display a review widget on your site displaying several reviews on your site. This is ideal for building trust and improving conversion. In other words, you can win the target market’s confidence by displaying reviews on your website.

What is Sitejabber?

Sitejabbar is one of the most credible review platforms in the World. The platform was introduced in 2008 in San Francisco Bay. The objective of the platform was to offer an opportunity for clients to access scores and reviews about various organizations and fashion-related services. This ensures customers can purchase from credible platforms. In that case, customers can easily state their plight, reviews, or concerns about the products and services they purchase from various vendors.

Are Sitejabber reviews important?

The answer is yes! Sitejabber reviews are critical to helping improve the performance of your business. With Sitejabber reviews, you can easily attract potential prospects and achieve your growth potential. Your business can easily stand out on the Sitejabber platform if you have excellent reviews.

If you want to take your service t the next level and achieve growth, then getting Sitejabber reviews for your store is a perfect idea.

With many customers checking for business reviews on Sitejabber, you are likely to win their trust if you get more reviews for your store.

Sitejabber reviews
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Improve revenue

Customers who visit Sitejabber to get reviews about various businesses are likely to become your loyal customers. This will be determined by the number of positive reviews available for your platform. The more positive reviews you have, the more customers you will acquire for your platform.

 Build Trust

Trust is a crucial element in customer acquisition. In that regard, more positive reviews are likely to help win the trust of more potential customers. That way, you are likely to generate more sales for your business. Just like social media platforms, a high number of followers is a sign of authority. In this case, an increased number of positive reviews is ideal in getting conversions.

Generate sales

Besides entrepreneurs responding to reviews from clients, potential buyers read through reviews left by skilled customers before making purchase decisions. This plays a crucial role in getting more sales for your brand. As such, you should invest in generating more reviews for your product or service to attract more potential customers.

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Are Sitejabber Reviews Legitimate?

If you struggle to get credible Sitejabber reviews, is an ideal platform that you should collaborate with. Besides genuine Sitejabber reviews, you are guaranteed credible reviews from real people. On that note, if you need honest reviews, then you should consider

All the reviews come directly from customers based on their experience in interacting with various brands. For instance, if you purchase 10 reviews from us, you will likely get 9 positive reviews and 1 negative. This is because these are real people; hence we may not have control over their feedback. In this case, you are billed for 9 favorable reviews and get an extra positive review.

While we aim to improve the growth of brands through reviews, we do everything to ensure you get favorable reviews that are crucial for growth.

Why purchase Sitejabber reviews from us?


Boost is one of the oldest and most established review platforms in the world. With a focus on the UK market, we offer quality Sitejabber reviews to help you generate quality leads for your store. Whether you deal in clothing, shoes, and other industries, we have geo targeted Sitejabber reviews that favor the needs of every customer. Our legitimate review services will help stimulate the growth of your business and improve Return on investment. The dream of every entrepreneur is to command a vast online following. This is pretty possible if all efforts are geared towards improving search engine ranking. With more reviews, your business is likely to stand out. Our review service ensures you get credible feedback on the Sitejabber site through our high-end technology. To improve the customer service experience, you can offer feedback based on the reviews to elicit engagement. This way, you will be perceived as a caring brand and increase the chances of getting more prospects for your business.

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Improve click-through rates

A 5-star rating display on google searches is ideal in improving brand visibility. Prospects tend to be interested in businesses with better ratings than those with no rating. In this case, buying Sitejabber reviews is critical in improving your online ratings, thereby improving visibility on the search engines.

That way, you are likely to attract more customers for your brand than those without reviews. In other words, companies that appear between the 5th and 10th position on google search engines are likely to get more clicks than others. This means sites with a 5-star rating on Sitejabber are likely to be more visible on google search engines than those without any ratings. But, of course, this is only possible if you get more reviews for your store.

While reviews are essential for your business, it may not be easy to get positive reviews within a short time. This is why you should buy Sitejabber reviews from us to help you build your brand and attract more customers.

Ranking factor

Google’s ranking factor makes buying Sitejabber reviews ideal for your business. If your product has good reviews, Google is likely to show your brand on Google’s first page. As a consequence, you are likely to draw a lot of traffic to your website or page.

All you need is to order a custom sitejabber review for your platform and help us improve your online ranking. This will not only boost your online visibility but also grow your business.

Convert site visitors to loyal customers

Every business aims to generate sales. To achieve the objective, you will have to convert visitors to customers. As such, Sitejabber reviews do precisely that. While a responsive website design, high-speed load speed, navigation, quality content, and friendly user experience are ideal in improving conversions, Sitejabber reviews offer a perfect alternative.

To achieve maximum results, you simply have to promote your business rating on search engines to help improve customer confidence.

Unlike in traditional marketing, where you have to contact leads to generate sales for your business, buying Sitejabber reviews makes it easier for potential prospects to search and make purchase decisions based on the reviews they come across. As such, you are investing in quality Sitejabber reviews lessens the burden of sourcing for clients, which may be costly.

Brand image

More quality reviews are crucial in attracting more customers to your brand. With more positive reviews, more customers are likely to gain confidence in your brand and help improve conversion. In essence, most companies are likely to perceive your brand as reputable, thereby attracting more customers.

The more reviews you generate for your brand, the more you improve your image. This is highly crucial in building a brand, especially in a highly competitive business environment.

Why Sitejabber reviews have suddenly become popular?

Sitejabber hosts one of the largest platforms where customers offer reviews about their experiences in purchasing from various brands. As such, many brands are rushing to get reviews to appeal to their target market. That way, they not only attract potential customers but also improve their credibility in front of customers.

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Real followers

Sitejabber commands the highest number of customers in the world. Most customers on the platform offer their feedback based on their experience with various brands. Most customers visit the platform to identify brands that have positive reviews before making purchase decisions.

In that regard, most customers looking for credible brands are likely to make purchase decisions based on the feedback they get from users. Consequently, most brands are yearning to get positive reviews to attract more customers to their platforms.

Improve conversions

Online reviews have thrown a spanner in the works for most businesses. As a result, many brands are now focusing on getting more reviews to appeal to the target market.

For example, almost 90% of online customers would make purchase decisions based on reviews they come across on online platforms. However, with negative reviews, you are unlikely to win the trust of online shoppers since they may not have an idea about how you treat your customers.

Therefore Sitejabber reviews have become important for most brands since they expect to leverage positive feedback to get more customers.

With positive sitejabber reviews, you are likely to acquire more customers than you can imagine. This is why buying Sitejabber reviews from is ideal for helping you improve conversions without having to break the bank.

Brand visibility

With millions of brands scrambling for the same market segment, it may be challenging for startups to have the edge over seasoned brands. However, with Sitejabber reviews, you can quickly improve brand visibility and stand out in a competitive business environment. In that case, getting more positive reviews for your brand goes a long way in enhancing a brand image that generates more sales.

Additionally, a positive brand image helps customers in making purchase decisions. Failure to acquire more positive reviews for your brand may taint your brand image, making it difficult for customers to buy your products.

Website traffic

Most brands are looking for ways of getting quality website traffic for their platforms. With more Sitejabber reviews, brands can quickly get more traffic for the site, which is crucial to improve SEO. The more positive reviews you get, the higher the number of traffic you get to the site. Against this backdrop, you should choose to buy Sitejabber reviews to help revamp your website traffic.

Remember, a higher number of organic traffic for your site helps in Google ranking, which helps in improving click-through rate and generating more sales.

Improve Customer Service

Reviews are an ideal way of gathering important data that you need to improve customer service. In that regard, more brands are encouraging Sitejabber reviews to get customer insight and improve how they handle customers.

Whether positive or negative, big brands use reviews to collect important information that they can use to improve their products. That way, it’s easier to come up with better product features that meet customer needs.

Market research

Reviews offer important insight that brands need to understand their target market. Information such as geographic location, age, and other personal information is crucial in helping brands understand their client persona. This makes it easier to produce products that satisfy the needs of the target market.

Additionally, analyzing customer data is essential to offer services that resonate with the target market. That way, it would be easier to generate more sales than operating in a market segment that one has no idea about.


The advent of online Reviews has transformed the marketplace and challenged brands to offer better products and services. With online reviews, customers can easily predict how previous customers were treated based on their information on online platforms.

Therefore, the need to invest in positive reviews is crucial to improve conversion and build a strong brand image. Remember, you are unlikely to attract more customers with negative reviews, thereby losing on a large market segment.

Against this backdrop, you should collaborate with credible review dealers like not only to improve brand visibility but also to increase revenue. While it can take decades to build a strong brand, positive reviews can easily catapult your brand to international standards if appropriately executed.


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