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Getting 4000 youTube time watch hours isn’t a piece of cake. Since you have a 12-month window to achieve this figure, you need to get almost 330 watch hours every month. This translates to almost 20,000 minutes every month.

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With a user base that exceeds two billion, YouTube is the leading video-sharing platform of the world. With over 400 minutes of content uploaded on the platform every minute, YouTube has to undertake a number of measures to ensure that their users are being provided with good content. YouTube is the second largest social media platform in the UK after Facebook, boasting over 56.2 million users. It is undoubtedly one of the best mediums for businesses to market themselves on, thanks to its role as the second biggest search engine after Google itself.  YouTube uses several metrics to determine the quality of content that goes on its platform. Up till 2012, views were all it was about. The higher the views equaled more money, both for the creator and obviously, YouTube itself.

However, all that changed when YouTube revamped their algorithm and started to give preference to Watch Time, i.e. user retention.  The platform used to be dominated by creators who used clickbait titles to rake views in with very little to actually offer users. This led to the issue of an extremely high bounce-rate, i.e. users leaving the video in the starting. After all, it’s a well-known fact that the clear majority of users use the first 10 seconds of the video to gauge whether it’s worth their time or not.  The shift of policy and the subsequent preferential treatment of watch time meant that content creators started to dump the clickbait titles and created actually interesting content.  To top it all off and essentially to seal the deal, Watch Time is a very important metric for users who are just starting on the platform. One word: monetization!  YouTube grants you access to their YouTube Partner Program when you amass a minimum of 4000 hours of watch time and over 1000 subscribers in 12 months. This number might seem big, but when you put it into retrospect with the number of hours watched every day (more than a billion worldwide!), you might be able to catch a breath of fresh air.  Despite this, some creators are deterred by this figure and want to get straight to the monetization and that’s obvious, who doesn’t want to be rewarded for their efforts?  If you can relate to this, we’re here for you! Buy YouTube watch hours in the UK from us and cut through the crowd.

Why are YouTube watch hours important?

YouTube watch hours have been deemed the most important metric used for measuring the quality of content uploaded by a channel. YouTube’s algorithm is said to attribute at least 80% to the number of watch hours a channel has in order to determine whether the channel posts good content or not.  Watch hours help show the platform that users enjoy your content and are hooked on to your videos for a long time. While views are an important metric too, they just aren’t as relevant as watch hours. The more watch hours you have, therefore, influence YouTube’s algorithm and results in your video being shown in search results more often. Since YouTube is essentially a search engine (for videos), being in the top list of results for any given query is vital for your channel to start amassing subscribers and gaining popularity. The outright benefit of this popularity can be corporate deals and sponsorships of your channel. Corporates often spend a large number of funds getting YouTube influencers to endorse their brands through videos. Last but not the least, YouTube’s Partner Program. The Partner Program is a limited-access program that enables content creators to monetize their videos through advertisements. These advertisements are sourced from Google’s AdSense and in laymen terms, access to the Partner Program means access to Google AdSense. Goes without saying that YouTube pays high amounts to people who succeed on the platform in the UK. The exact rate isn’t set in stone, but it is still high. Besides, if you’re making videos out of passion, what else can you possibly want than to be compensated and to make a living out of something you enjoy doing?

Why should you buy YouTube watch time hours?

Getting 4000 YouTube watch hours isn’t a piece of cake. Since you have a 12-month window to achieve this figure, you need to get almost 330 watch hours every month. This translates to almost 20,000 minutes every month. Unless you’re someone who has the complete cheat book to getting popular or is someone with hundreds of followers already, this is a huge figure. Besides, who wants to take the full 12 months to start earning, right? As a content creator, you know the effort you put into the production of your videos and you know the value of the videos better than anybody else. You deserve to be paid for the effort that goes into creating flawless content. A content creator knows how hard it is to produce content that is relevant to what users like and still end up with a meager figure of watch time and views. This is where we come in with our service which lets you buy 4000 YouTube watch time hours in the UK. Buying YouTube watch hours lets you cut through the slack and start being rewarded for your videos. Fulfilling YouTube’s requirements of 4000 watch hours and getting enlisted in the Partner Program lets you start earning from your videos. When you buy watch time hours for youtube, you can relieve yourself of the tension that it’s going to take months to get your channel monetized. With our service, you can be well on your way to getting a jumpstart on your competitors and start earning from your videos from the get-go (at least relatively the get-go). Once you’re free of this worry, you can start work on what truly matters: content production! Create content that entices users and you’ll be set on your journey of digital success. The fact that buying YouTube watch hours in the UK is such a piece of cake is probably the best thing about it! All it takes it is a few clicks and a maximum of 10 minutes of your time!

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The fact that we put our customers first can be seen by many factors. First and foremost, the reviews from customers we’ve had in the past. We’ve garnered a lot of positive reinforcement from buyers we’ve served in the past. We’ve helped a lot of people kickstart their digital journey and set them on the track for success! You can find lots of praise for our services from our past customers, who have enjoyed the benefits of our services and are still getting those benefits in the form of increased success on YouTube. So, what are you waiting for? Buy 4000 watchtime hours now! Continuing on the fact that for customers are king for us, we’d like to reiterate how we offer great flexibility on our services in the form of the ability to choose turnaround time, the varying packages of watch hours available, etc.  The purpose of doing both of these is to ensure that our customers get what they truly want. After all, it’s their convenience and satisfaction that truly matters to us. Moreover, we offer customers the option to choose which videos they want the views on so that the content they want at the top gets the recognition it deserves. When paired with a high figure of watch hours, the video is bound to rank high in the search results for that specific set of keywords, resulting in more organic growth for the channel. This comes paired with the option to pick the individual watch time on each of the videos that have been specified by the customer. For example, you can choose how long one individual profile watches your video.  A smaller figure of watch time per profile means a higher number of profiles while a larger figure of watch time means a lesser number of profiles. Both options are readily available to our customers, although it is pertinent to mention here that the first options generally require a tad bit more time to ensure that the growth seems organic.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Are these real users or bots?
You can find several sites that offer watch hours at cheaper prices than us. Listen to this: do NOT buy from them! This isn’t out of competitiveness; they will get you banned or penalized!  Services that offer watch hours at ridiculously low prices utilize bots to give you the watch hours. Automated watch hours are extremely easy to detect by YouTube’s servers and upon discovery, your profile can be heavily penalized by YouTube for exploiting their platform.  The penalties include suspension from the Partner Program as a deterrent or worse, complete removal! Removal from the program means a complete ban, i.e. you cannot get approval for the program in the future.  This is why we provide actual users with authentic profiles on YouTube that watch your videos. This is essential in order to ensure that YouTube does not penalize you for using a paid service to amass watch hours. We have complete faith in our services, which is backed by our guarantee and reviews from our customers.
When will I get the watch hours?
The delivery or the turnaround time for the watch hours depends on you. Once we have confirmed the payment receipt (talked about below), you can list the videos that you want the watch hours to be directed to and then specify the number of watch hours you want on each video! Payment confirmation can take up to 24 hours and thereon the delivery process starts within 48 hours at max. Once the delivery period starts, we start diverting users towards your video in intervals of your choice. Either this or we can keep it at a normal pace so that it looks truly, completely organic, and to extract the full fruit of our service.
How do I buy YouTube watch hours?
Buying YouTube watch hours from us is extremely easy. All you have to do is to choose the number of watch hours you require and complete payment through one of the many mediums we accept. When you’ve paid and we’ve confirmed the receipt, you just have to fill in some preliminary details such as the videos you want the watch time directed to, other optional details such as the amount of time dedicated to each video by a single profile, etc. and then you’re set to go! Get in touch with us now for buying high quality, authentic YouTube watch hours in the UK!
We offer a guarantee on our services!

When we give you YouTube watch-time hours using authentic profiles, we guarantee the quality of profiles we’re providing. If YouTube removes these or if you’re in doubt of the watch hours going to waste, we offer free refills! If you feel like your watch hours have fallen, just tell us and we’ll fill in the required hours!

What we provide real profiles?

This is further complemented by how we provide authentic, real profiles who watch your videos instead of automated bots. We think of your channel as our own and we would never want anything bad to happen to us!  Giving real users is something almost nobody in the YouTube marketing services industry offers other than us and we wear that feather at the very top of our hat. We ensure that your channel is full of real, authentic youtube views that have absolutely no risk of being detected by YouTube’s servers.