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It’s been seamless from beginning to end! I’ve worked with other similar services and have never encountered a better system than at Growthoid. 5 stars from me.


I’ve had nothing but a great experience with Growthoid! With Boostlikes I haven’t had to spend nearly as much time trying to build my following, which leads to investing my time and energy into other areas.


Team was great. We had a minor hiccup (my fault) with the targeting instructions. Very detailed walk-through of what to do. Thank you.


Saves me so much time because before I was doing all this myself. Not only am I growing faster but I don’t have to do anything but focus on brand content.


Why didn’t I get this sooner!! My followers also shot up because the engagement got bigger. I appreciate the team’s help.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is it safe?

Buying YouTube views can be stigmatized to a very significant extent and the regular user might think that it is ‘cheating’ or an unfair means of gaining popularity. We would like to disagree with that. First off, YouTube regulations state that users should not spam the platform. There aren’t any hard and fast rules against buying views, therefore deeming it perfectly legal. That is when the views you buy are from a trustworthy firm like us. The methods we employ mean that your videos and/or your channel are not at any risk of being penalized by YouTube. We use real, authentic profiles to divert views to your video. Yes, actual users with genuine profiles! You can find a lot of our “competitors” who offer YouTube views at dirt prices and as with everything else, when something is too good to be true, it usually is! Companies tend to use automated bots to send views to your channel and that is something that can be easily caught by YouTube’s algorithm. When caught, not if, when caught by YouTube’s algorithm, the platform might reverse these views or even worse, delete your video or suspend your channel. We provide a guarantee to cater to this. If your views drop, we will refill them without any additional cost. So, trust us, this is where you want to take your business! 

How are these views generated?

This is a question that sparks interest in almost all of our prospective clients and is raised by a lot of people, thus we feel it is essential to address this. We have developed a vast network of people who sign up to watch videos that are recommended by us. To further simplify this, these are actual people who are just on the lookout for good content. This is paired with the fact that our expert team employs a range of methods to organically market your videos to the public. When used together, we are able to send a large number of views to your video who watch your video just like any normal user would, therefore racking up the watch time and views for you. 

Are bots being used?

Not at all! As we wrote above, our network consists of actual people who want to find good content and are willing to promote content that is worth promoting. The usage of bots is something we strongly advocate against as it is almost bound to get your channel penalized by YouTube. It isn’t hard for YouTube to track down where ‘users’ are coming from. They can see a large plethora of information, such as where the user came from, how much time was spent watching the video among a host of other data. In a scenario like this, using bots is bound to be caught and lead to action by the platform. The network we have developed consists of real, genuine users who contribute to your videos and your channel’s stats, enabling you to get internet famous. 

In how much time will I get the views on my channel?

Normally, it takes up to 24 hours for our systems to verify the receipt of payment and once the payment is confirmed, we get to work. The delivery period and the turnaround time depends entirely upon you. You can specify whether you want the views to be delivered within a short time or for them to be spread over some time. Getting them in a short period can be done for videos that have just been uploaded and you hope for them to go viral. On the other hand, choosing the second option is ideal for videos where you want to establish yourselves as an authority on a specific subject. For example, a tutorial or a how-to video getting views overtime is an indicator of consistent user satisfaction with your work. 

How can I order and pay?

Ordering YouTube views through us is very simple and straightforward. You have to spend a maximum of 5 minutes to place your order successfully including the payment. All you have to do is fill out our order form, wherein you give the URL of the video you want the views at and specify the number of views you want, along with the delivery timeline (your preference with regards to the speed at which the views are delivered). With this done, time for payment. You can complete the process by paying through PayPal, which is the easiest method available. Alternatively, our partner payment processing firm enables you to checkout using your credit card through a 3D Secure platform, meaning that your financial information is as safe as it can be. 

Who should get this service?

Our services can benefit a wide variety of people. First off, aspiring artists have a lot to gain through the purchase of YouTube and its associated organic growth trend. Artists can include singers and actors among a host of others. When popularity is gained as a result of organic growth that has been achieved through the purchase of YouTube views, singers can get a deal with a record company for their music. Similarly, actors can get hooked on to producers who can look at the actor’s talent and subsequently hire them for work. Who knows, one tiny breakthrough might set you for life! Remember, when you achieve organic growth, you are bound to be noticed by the industry’s veterans, who would appreciate your work and consequently offer you greater opportunities. Furthermore, small and large businesses have a lot to gain from the purchase of YouTube views as well. For small businesses, a large number of views can mean more authority and credibility for their business. YouTube is one of the most important marketing mediums for businesses, boasting over 2 billion active users. Gaining popularity on YouTube can easily equate to more conversions and thus, more revenue for businesses. So, carry out a simple cost-benefit analysis to find out how much gain this service has to offer you and you will immediately be urged to try it out!

Can I get country-specific views?

Yes, you can! Country specific views have a load of advantages for channels as YouTube’s algorithm automatically upgrades your rankings for localized keywords if a major chunk of your views is from a specific region. We offer a wide range of British profiles for your channel, which helps you gain traction in the YouTube market in the UK. You can opt for this while placing your order for YouTube views, otherwise, our standard package entails views from around the globe.